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Name: Shin
Part: Vocal
Blood Type: B
Birthday: September 4th
Height: 170cm
Favorite Cigarette Brand: No Smoking
Hobbies: Billiards
Favorite Fashion Brand(s): Monsieur Nicole
Favorite Music/Artist(s): Classical music
Message to Fans: I will walk together.

Name: Reno
Part: Guitar
Blood Type: A
Birthday: June 4th
Height: 180cm
Favorite Cigarette Brand: Salem Alaska Menthol
Hobbies: Drinking, darts
Favorite Fashion Brand(s): Justin Davis, JACKROSE
Favorite Music/Artist(s): Steve Vai, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Dream Theater. All "easy listening" music in general, including R&B and jazz.
Message to Fans: I'll excite you with my guitar.

Name: Ryoga
Part: Guitar
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: November 22nd
Height: 178cm
Favorite Cigarette Brand: icene
Hobbies: Taking a bath
Favorite Fashion Brand(s): Justin Davis, Royal Order
Favorite Music/Artist(s): 80's Rock
Message to Fans: Shut up and follow me.


Name: Iv
Part: Hot-blooded bass
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February 16th
Height: 163cm
Favorite Cigarette Brand: I don't smoke.
Hobbies: Watching movies, writing songs, reading
Favorite Fashion Brand(s): Justin Davis, Milkboy, And A, MALKOMALKA
Favorite Music/Artist(s): symphonic metal, classical metal, alternative rock
Message to Fans: I'll make you taste Iv, Iv and more Iv.

Name: Ko-ki
Part: Drums
Blood Type: O
Birthday: May 1st
Height: About 168cm (changes from day to day)
Favorite Cigarette Brand: I still can't smoke★
Hobbies: DJ, sleeping, biting, staying indoors
Favorite Fashion Brand(s): Vivienne Westwood, LOUIS VUITTON, Jeremy Scott, John Galliano, adidas, Luv Solid
Favorite Music/Artist(s): Hip hop, electronic music etc.
Message to Fans: Bring a revolution to the drum industry. I will change it. I 1 113344449993333* you guys.

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